A Tour For those with passion for cultures culinary and wine. A trip into the roots of the tradition of Greece.

Santorini Wine Tours reveal Santorini’s best kept wine secret. We have designed our Santorini Wine Tours so you can you can have some peace, relax and have a day out in the beautiful Santorini atmosphere, tasting local wines and delicacies, having fun visiting people who are passionate about the wine they produce. Santorini wine tours are for those looking for a perfect Santorini day trip including other great activities while staying in Santorini. We are proud of our island and our tradition and We love sharing it with others, Greek wines that are produced in the vineyards that you'll see all over Santorini. Santorini Wine Tours takes you to vineyards and wineries that still apply the old traditional methods of wine production and other museum like wineries that let's you have some wine tasting while narrating the story of wine taking your thoughts somewhere magical. While on a wine tour in Santorini a very important stop is the award winning vineyard situated on the northern tip of Santorini, an unspoiled and fertile land taken care of for years that produces top quality wines in Santorini. You will discover wines that are based on ancient Greek native grapes. The local winemakers give great importance to the history of wine, as well as the grape family and the composition of the soil on their land. By taking one of our wine tours in Santorini you will have a fun, relaxing day out in the Cycladic air, meeting wine makers, sampling the local wines, tasting local cheese , feta, local olives and other delicacies, and discovering the local olive oil served on fresh bread.

Santorini Wine tour! A passion for Santorini Tradition

Santorini Wine Tours takes you to the true heart of Greece and includes a visit to the an award winning vineyard, where all aspects of wines produced here are explained and several different wines are sampled with locally produced cheese, feta, local olives and other delicacies. By joining one of our Santorini wine tours you also have the opportunity to discover the Breath-taking sights of Santorini, a stunning little island made of 100% Lava! Our first stop will be Sigalas Winery, a peaceful winery where the Sigalas family are always happy demonstrate how wine is made and how grapes are picked here on the island, If that isn't a place for a wine tasting break then nothing else is! Vineyards here are said to be some of the oldest in Greece reach even 150 years of grape production! Once we leave from the Sigalas family winery we visit the the currently working winery and museum of Mr. Koutsougianopoulos, where we take an underground tour through the well built winery to see methods and machines they used back in the day and an ear piece to hear the story being narrated while you walk through the winery. Once we finish the winery tour we'll have our second wine tasting session and sample more locally produced wine by koutsougianopoulos winery, served with delicious bites of local cherry tomatoes, cheeses, olives and feta.


Santorinii Wineries, authentic Greek tastes all starting in Santorini.

Let us share with you the magic of Greece and the passion we have for our culture. Our Santorini wine tours, vineyard visit and wine tasting sessions are set in the local hand build wineries, situated in the center of Santorini surrounded by vineyards, trees and some even the breath-taking view of the Caldera and the Aegean sea. There won't be any traffic problems getting to the wineries and back due to the experience on Santorini roads and the knowledge of a local driver to take you through the shortcuts of the traditional old roads of Santorini if necessary.  The only traffic jams you'll experience while on a Santorini wine tour is caused when a slow little three-wheel truck will be carrying their grapes to the family wine cellar. The Santorini wineries are the most 10 kilometers away one from an other. Even though your transfers will be a luxurious as possible in a Mercedes mini van and fully air-conditioned. Koutsougianopoulos Winery Santorini, One of the wineries you will be visiting during your Santorini Wine Tour, Even though Santorini is a very popular touristic destination, Our Santorini wine tours won't be nearly as commercialized as other activities you'll find in other Santorini Tours.

Santorini Wine Tours

Wine Tasting Tours in Santorini

You'll get the chance to have wine tasting with 20 different wines in 3 different wineries during your wine tasting in Santorini

Santorini Wine Tours

On a Wine tour in Santorini with us you will get to see the wine museum, attend the underground tour that it offers you and shows how we use to make wine 100 years ago at the only Winery in Greece that it is underground!

Gastronomy introduction

You will be introduced to Gastronomy, The local products of Santorini such us the cherry tomatoe and Fava beans. You will try our most known wine the Vinsanto and will be relaxed and full by the end of the tour!

Luxury Transportation

Your transportation while on your Wine tour in Santorini will be with luxury air conditioned vehicles for your best satisfation and comfort. Pick up at your Hotel and drop off anywhere you like!

Honeymoon Package

Couples on their Honeymoon will get a special treat from us on the Santorini honeymoon package. Private dinner somewhere romantic with candles and a wine tasting experience.

Family Groups

Families with children will visit the wine museum with the under ground tour, Have wine tasting for the adults and delicious Santorini products and juice for the children. A great day and itinerary designed for all!

Santorini wine tours

The Original wine tour of Santorini

Santorini wine tours

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