Can you give me more info about the itinerary?

The wine tours are based on our clients, wether you want a relaxing day of food and wine tasting or a learning experience. We will visit 3 wineries, a greek tavern for food and at the end our own Home Winery. So you can honor us and try our very own wine production!

Is Wine Tasting and lunch at a Greek tavern included in the price?

Wine tasting and lunch are not included in the price, We prefer to let our clients choose what they like instead of making a menu for all, Not everyone has the same taste and not everyone enjoys the same things. 

Every winery has their own prices, a wine tasting round will not be more than 15 euros. 

How will our Santorini wine tour begin? where will we meet?

As a service included in your package, We come and meet you at your hotel. If it is your first day in Santorini and you'd like to have a Wine Tour right away, We can meet you at either the port or the airport. That can be discussed via e-mail.

Are we required to tip our driver / guide?


No you are not, That depends on your satisfaction, If you had a great time on our wine tour and you'd like to thank us that can be the way to do it. It all depends on you!

Do we you have a dressing code for your Wine Tours?

It is best to wear layers of clothes, Santorini due to humidity can be a little cold in the mornings but very hot in the afternoon, We recommend that you wear casual clothes for a comfortable day and no high heals or such shoes, It can be hard to walk in Santorini while wearing those kind of shoes.

Minimum age for your Wine Tours? Can Children attend?

There is no minimum age for our wine tours, Adults from 18 years old and older can have the full wine tasting experience in Santorini, Anyone below 17 will also have fun on our Wine Tours because it is not all about wine. It's about having fun and learning our culture and tradition, Seeing new things and enjoying the wine museum, The Greek tavern and the tour in Santorini. 

Will we be able to have lunch at a Greek Tavern?

Yes of course we will, All that wine can't be float in an empty stomach! In the end or in the middle of our Wine Tour we will make a stop at a traditional Greek Tavern for lunch so you can get the best out of your day in Santorini. We will recommend you our local favorite flavors and you can decide on your own what will fulfill you. After lunch we will continue for the wine tasting!

What are the costs for the Wine Tasting in Santorini


Depending on how much wine you'd like to taste and consume, The average tasting per person at a winery is 12 euros. That including the local delicacies and different wines. You have the opportunity to buy your own bottle of wine that you've tasted and liked. The one we strongly recommend is Vinsanto.

What languages can your tours be narrated in?

Our Santorini wine tours are in English, If your native language is not English and you'd like a guide that speaks your language please let us know and we will inform you about the costs and the availability.

What is the procedure to make arrangements for our wine tour in Santorini?

There are a couple different methods that you can proceed with your payment. 

Credit Card - The tour payment can be made via bank transfer / Credit Card at our office's bank account. if you wish to proceed with bank transfer, A 23% fee is required for the VAT.


PayPal - You may pay your deposit via PayPal at our office's account. The payment via PayPal included the tax fee that PayPal requires to make a transaction.


What is that makes you better than your competitors?

  • Competitive prices: We make our tour prices affordable for anyone who would like to have a wine tour, that way we get to express and show our passion for wine to more people!


  • Smaller groups: Our Wine Tours are for small groups (Families / Friends) because we'd like to provide the best learning experience for our clients and the most comfortable vibe, so that you will feel comfortable from your first step on our bus!


  • Personalized experience: We treat all of our clients like they are the only ones on board, We see you as our friends who have trusted us to make their day an unforgettable experience. All your questions will be answered one by one and not like the bigger groups with a guide that holds a microphone and talks till the end.


Do we need any prior knowledge about Wine before we attend one of your Tours / Classes?

Not even the slightest! Our wine tours are an activity for those who have a passion for wine and for others who'd like to learn more about the traditional ways of Santorini. We will make sure that you understand how it is made and what the processes are and most of all that you will have a great time! 

Can I and my family have a Private wine tour in Santorini?

Yes, Of course! Most of our Wine tours are Private. Either that be a 1 person Tour or 50 people tour with a hired coach bus. Send us and email and learn all you need to know about your Wine tour in Santorini, That way you can customize and let us know your preferences for a memorable Santorini vacation!

In Santorini do you have any Taverns/Restaurants to suggest?

Of course! I'd be more than happy to tell suggest my personal favorite restaurants, Once you book your Wine Tour we will keep in touch via Emails till the day of your Tour. We'll take you around Santorini and show you some great restaurants as we drive to the wineries. and after your tour we can drop you off at a Restaurant of your choice to have a Greek meal!

Is it possible to help us with accommodations in Santorini?

Yes of course! The best way to go about it is via Booking.Com.

If you'd like i can suggest some Hotels I know that are worth staying at.


For Transfers & Tours we offer our selves.

What's your Cancellation Policy?

All of our Services and Tours have the same Cancellation Policy.

In case you decide to Cancel your Wine Tour or any other Service you've booked with us.

You get a 75% refund if it is 30 days before the Tour.

If you Cancel your Tour 29 days from the tour or less the you will get a 50% refund.


Incase we have to Cancel your Tour you will get 100% Refund.