Santorini Wine Tours: Take a Tour to Santorini Wine Traditional Wineries


This is the original itinerary of the Wine Tasting In Santorini.  We will take you to the old traditional techniques of wine making that is still popular in Santorini now days. It is a great experience especially for those with passion for wine to taste the local award winning wines of Santorini

At each winery there will be different types of wines for you that are a must to try! every winery in Santorini produces their own wine and each one are more delicious than the other!

The Wine tasting in Santorini will be a total of 5 hours tour, You will have the time to taste all the wines you wish, With the wine tasting comes a plate or couple plates with locally produced delicious snacks such us, Cheese , Cherry tomatoes , olives and crackers for a complete Gastronomy experience!

Santorini Wine Tours are not just an activity to have fun in Santorini but also an educating tour that will teach you further knowledge of the Greek culture and the wine making traditions of Santorini.


Santorini Wine Tasting: 

Are you a a Wine Fanatic? An artist at heart who sees wine as art? Join us on one of our Wine tours in Santorini and further enrich your knowledge and wine experience wine tasting.

A Santorini wine tasting tour is the best pre-dinner wine tasting tour in Santorini, Before and during your meal at the restaurant of your choice it is a must to have an authentic local wine taste to accompany with your food. The wine tasting tour in Santorini is designed for everyone that likes to have a good time in a fancy and affordable manner.

The class starts at 5.30 pm and we’ll taste six different wines, coming from 6 different regions of France – a real “Tour de France of Organic Wine”!

Why having a Santorini Wine Tour?

  1. Santorini Wine Tours are a fun way to spend your day on a vacation and learn more about the local wines and their history.
  2. A very intense Gastronomy experience.
  3. Taste the Vinsanto wine that is produced only in Santorini!
  4. Taste all the wine you like and buy some for home if you wish!