Venetsanos Winery

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Venetsanos Santorini Winery is located right above the port of Athinios, overlooking the magnificent caldera of Santorini and the sunset. The winery also is been used for Santorini weddings.  The wedding ceremonies are usually at sunset time. The Venetsanos family has a very long tradition in producing wine. Originally was produced for the island and subsequently it was exported extensively, and particularly to countries such as Russia. It was built in 1947 by Venetsanos family and became the first industrial winery on the island. Its most distinguished feature is the structural design, which essentially used gravity, facilitating energy efficiency, at a time when access to electricity and other energy sources was very limited. The Santorini winery was built in an unconventional manner constructed from above and moving downwards.

The Venetsanos Santorini winery, that can now be visited, is the culmination of this rich family tradition with the recently revamped buildings. The exceptional architectural structure is combined with the history of one of the most important wine producers in the Aegean. The Santorini winery is located in the most breathtaking location offering incredible vistas over the caldera and volcanic islands.

The Santorini winery today offers you the chance to walk through and discover the history and tradition as well as the new wine making techniques. You are able to take a detailed tour of the Santorini winery from our expert staff while also tasting some of our exceptional wines.




Santo Wines – Santorini Winery

Santorini wine tours santo wines santorini winery


The Santo Winery, which opened in 1992, is located in Pyrgos and enjoys spectacular views of the caldera and the Mediterranean Sea. A highly modernized winery where technological advancement is in total harmony with traditional methods, the Santo Winery is built on five different levels in keeping with the environment and the layout of the vineyards that are also cultivated at varying ground levels, often called as the “pezoules”. One of Santorini winery level is also been used for Santorini weddings.  The wedding ceremonies are usually at sunset time. This greatly saves on energy as the must is transferred by gravity alone without the need for pumps or other machines. The Santorini winery opened as Santowines Oenotourism Center in 1992, and ever since, it receives over 80.000 visitors from around the world every year. A guided tour shows visitors the process of vinification and aging of wines, and there is a wine bar at Santo Winery, where visitors can taste the special wines that have received awards for its superior quality and taste. Among the Santo produce are a wide selection of dry whites: Santorini Assyrtiko and Santorini Nykteri, a dry white wine. At the wine showroom, visitors are shown a documentary film that traces the history of Santorini wines to the present. The charming terrace with magnificent views can host weddings and private parties, and there is also a main room with a capacity of over 120 people for hosting seminars or other special events. An assortment of Vinsanto, the sweet dessert wine, is also produced here and includes a liqueur version, Vin De Liqueur.



Sigalas Estate Winery

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Sigalas Winery was founded in 1991 and it is located on the plains of Oia, the most picturesque village of Santorini. In fact, the Santorini winery is located in the region of Baxedes, famous for its vineyards. Along time, Sigalas Estate gained reputation for producing superior quality wines and has won several prestigious awards in both, national and international wine competitions. Sigalas Winery have constantly featured and won awards in the Thessalonica International Wine Competition, a prominent event attracting superior wines from all over the world and judged by highly qualified Greek and foreign enologists. Sigalas Winery is open to visitors from April to October, all through the week, and a guided tour is offered. Guests get to see and learn about the various processes involved from harvest to bottle and the tour culminates with wine tasting. The wine-tasting room, located in the middle of the vineyard, is a charming place and can receive up to 50 guests. Weddings and other parties can be hosted there. Visitors who arrive at the Santorini winery in the evenings can see the breathtaking sunset from the patio at Sigalas with the finest of Santorinian wines. The winery also is been used for Santorini weddings.  The wedding ceremonies are usually at sunset time.



Antoniou Winery

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This Santorini winery is situated very close to the port and is built into the cliff of Santorini, Greece. Wine is no longer produced here but wine tasting is very popular and you can tour the site. When you arrive you see a carpark and one small building. The site is mostly underground. You can have a look at the site for free (without a guide) or pay to taste some wines, an excellent time for the latter is sunset when the spectacular views can be enjoyed. Descending into the Santorini winery you will find it decorated in yellow and red. There are a number of the old contraptions lying about and at the bottom is a large room for video presentations.







Hatzidakis Santorini Winery

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Hatzidakis Winery, established by Haridimos and Konstantina Hatzidakis, is housed in an undercover building in their private vineyards outside Pyrgos. Spread over an area of 5,000 square meters, this winery is very different from the touristy wineries of Santorini. The warmth hospitality of Konstantina, the owner’s wife, is the first friendly touch that visitors get. The grape varieties grown in Hatzidakis winery include Assyrtiko, Athiri, Aidani, Mavrotragano, Mantilaria and Voudomato. This Santorini winery has gained a reputation for small production of high quality wines and their limited range has already found a niche market in Greece. Hatzidakis range includes four white dry wines, one red dry and the lovely Vinsanto, a dessert wine. To get there, follow the road towards the Monastery of Prophet Elias, after Pyrgos, and the Santorini winery is on the left.




Gavalas Winery Santorini

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Wines have been an inseparable part of the Gavalas family for over 300 years now. The main objective of the Gavalas seem to be an unending quest to produce wine from rare and indigenous grape varieties. The outcome of this innovative approach is a top-quality white wine, Katsano. Considered one of the most exotic wines produced till date by Gavalas, Katsano is produced from two varieties little known outside Santorini. The grapes are harvested before they are fully ripe and the wine possesses a delicate flavor of honey and lemon blossoms. Besides Katsano, the Santorini winery produces two other white dry wines, Santorini and Nykteri, and one red dry, Xenoloo, produced from a blend of Mavrotragano, Voudomato and Athiri grape varieties and aged in French oak barrels for over a year. The Gavala range also includes the Vinsanto, a white sweet wine. The Gavalas Winery and their private vineyards are located in Megalochori, one of the most charming villages of Santorini. The guided tour of the Santorini winery is an exhilarating experience and takes the visitor through a well-lit stone tunnel, that works as a wine museum. The tunnel leads to a lovely courtyard.




Canava Roussos Winery Santorini

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Roussos is a family-owned winery that has been producing the most famous wines of the island since 1836 in its renowned winery at Episkopi Santorini (Mesa Gonia). The island’s unique ecosystem and the volcanic soil are ideal for growing Thiran, a particular grape variety that is used to create Roussos wines. Developed as a family tradition and then as an art that has traveled through generations, the wine making tradition of Roussos reflects the island’s unique culture: the love for good food and wine. Roussos Winery is one of the oldest cellars in Santorini and an artful blend of a century-old tradition as well as modern techniques has helped the Canava Roussos to create wines with highly distinct tastes and bouquets. There are 7 famous wines from the house of Roussos: Caldera Roussos, Santorini Roussos, Athiri Roussos, Nykteri Roussos, Mavranthiro Roussos, Nama Roussos and Rivari Roussos. Among the Roussos collection, the most renowned wines are the traditional Nykteri (an aged dry white) and Vinsanto, a sweet wine produced from sun-dried grapes. At harvest time, many visitors arrive at Roussos winery for a wine-tasting tour and to see the traditional wine-making methods that are carried out in subterranean cisterns or huge barrels. There is also a taverna at the Santorini winery, where visitors can enjoy a traditional Greek meal. The outdoor dining of this Santorini winery has wonderful views of the sea and the Santorini winery organizes “Santorini Evenings” to sample their wines and to enjoy local specialties such as mezedes, Greek cheese, fava, tomato balls, fresh salads of caper and tiny tomatoes and many others. Besides upholding the wine making tradition of Santorini, Roussos also plays host to several theatre performances, concerts and exhibitions that showcase the rich cultural heritage of the Greek islands.




Argyros Estate Santorini Winery

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The Estate Argyros Winery was established on a 5-acre vineyard in 1903 by Georgios Argyros in Mesa Gonia village, and traditional Santorinian methods of winemaking were employed to produce wines for the local markets. Today, the vineyard has grown to cover an area of nearly 65 acres and certain parts of the vineyard date as far back as 150 years, making the Argyros one of the oldest vineyard on the island. The Santorini winery is run by Yannis Argyros, who represents the third generation winemakers at Estate Argyros. A wine lover in every sense of the word, Yiannis has worked hard to grow high quality grapes, in order to create some of the finest wines in Greece. The grapes grown here include many of the indigenous and ancient varieties of Santorini such as Assyrtiko, Aidani, Mandilaria, Mavrathira and Voudomato that are well adapted to the volcanic soil of the region. Some of the top varieties of wines at Argyros include many dry whites and dessert wines. The Assyrtiko Argyros, a dry white wine produced from a variety of Assyrtico, in accordance with over a century-old family tradition, is a perfect complement to seafood and has won several awards on the international level. In addition to this, the Estate Argyros Winery has been a recipient of several awards and trophies for their exquisite collection of red and white wines. The Argyros was also chosen as one of 100 best wineries in the world by the Wine & Spirits Magazine in 2005 and 2006. Currently, the Argyros wines are exported to USA, Canada, France, Switzerland, Holland, Italy, Germany, Sweden, Belgium, Austria, Australia, Asia and, Cyprus. Tours at the Santorini winery are also organized.



Boutari Santorini Winery

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Boutari Winery, established way back in 1989, has emerged as one of the leading wineries in Santorini and reflects the island’s strong wine-making traditions. The beautiful white-domed winery is located in Megalochori. Spread on an area of approximately 6 hectares, the vineyards are located to the south of the island at an altitude of 105-140 meters. Local white varieties, including Assyrtiko, Athiri and Aidani, as well as a few others experimental varieties are cultivated at Boutari vineyards. Five dry white wines are produced here and they include Kallisti and Nykteri. The sweet wines include Vinsanto Santorini (white) and the Ampeliastos (red), and every year, one experimental wine is produced at Boutari winery. The Santorini winery is open to public and offers a guided tour in five different languages and a multimedia presentation.



Gaia Winery Santorini

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Gaia Winery which began its operation in 1994, is an old tomato factory transformed into an impressive modern winery. Established by two highly qualified agriculturists, Gaia Winery made a mark on the wine industry in Greece by producing Thalassitis, a superior quality dry white, whose origin can be traced to the ancient times when wine was blended with sea water to produce a therapeutic elixir. The grapes of Gaia are grown in the vineyards located on the southern slopes of Episkopi. The Santorini winery is a charming building that dates back to the early 1900s and was used to house equipments to extract the juice of the famous Santorinian cherry tomatoes. Forced to shut down as a result of competitive economy, the factory was converted into a winery that not only helped to preserve a small slice of Santorinian heritage, but also grew to be a standing symbol of how modernization has helped to change the face of the Greek wine industry in recent years. Apart from wines, the Santorini winery also produces vinegar made from Assyrtiko, which is specially made by allowing it to age in oaken barrels for five years. Gaia Winery is open to visitors. It is located on the eastern side of the island, in the position Vrahies, between the beaches of Kamari and Monolithos.

Gaia Winery is also one of the most well known wine labels in Greece with exports all over the world. Back in 1995 Gaia Wines introduced to the world their amazing Santorini wine called “Thalassitis” which is one of the most unique Santorini wines. Thalassitis is an amazing 100% Assyrtiko Santorini white wine that continues the unique series of Assyrtiko wines that can only be found in Santorini.

Make no mistake: these are some of the most awarded and well known Santorini wines. Gaia Winery will give you the opportunity to taste these amazing wines literally sitting on a lovely patio

on the beach, just a few meters away from the sea waters, close to Kamari beach.

The friendly and very helpful stuff will guide you through the wine tasting experience and the whole experience is extremely calm and relaxing.



Volcan Wines

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Volcan Wines is a modern winery that belongs to the Koutsogiannopoulos family. The history of Koutsogiannopoulos Winery goes back a few centuries, when the forefathers of the family arrived from Sparta to Syros, where they began their business by selling oil. Eventually they settled in Santorini and began to produce wine after they realized the tremendous potential of the island in producing superior quality wines. Within just two decades they had established a strong viticultural presence on Santorini, and they even built their own ship to export their wines to Russia. The whole story of Koutsogiannopoulos Winery, starting from 1660 to present, unfolds in their underground winery, and visitors can take a guided tour of the canava- museum to learn about this ancient winery that has been in the family for generations. A multimedia show in 9 languages presents the history of the Santorini winery from the 17th century to present. Traditional methods of cultivation using coils are still employed here. Guided tours of the Santorini winery are offered to visitors from the beginning of April until the end of October. To get to the Santorini winery, go to Vothonas and then take the road that leads to Kamari.



Heliopoulos Vineyards Santorini Winery

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Heliopoulos Winery is located in Megalochori, the home to some of the largest and most popular wineries in Santorini. Although Heliopoulos is a small winery, the vineyard produces a superior quality white wine. The wine is produced from the most common variety of Santorinian grapes, Assyrtiko, and possesses a succulent and refreshing fragrance. In fact, it bears resemblance to the Italian Friulian white and has a distinct nutty and mineral flavor. The Santorini winery allows visitors to take a tour and experience the various processes involved in turning grapes into wine, but prior appointment may be required.






Art Space Santorini

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At first, the building worked as a winery till 1952, when its owner Nikolaos Argyros closed it to open another winery on the island, the famous SantoWines. In 1999, his son, Antonis Argyros restored the old chambers and reopened this old winery, naming it Art Space this time. This new winery is hosted in an adjacent underground cave, whose entrance is 8 m below the surface of the earth. The dominant material in this cave is a dense layer of pumice, 6 m thick, creating the perfect insulating environment for wine maturation. Modern technology is used to help the wine age, however the emphasis is given on quality rather than quantity. The wine comes from organic vineyards and at the end of the tour, visitors can taste different varieties. Apart from a winery, Art Space also works as an art gallery and a museum.




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